about coronavirus

What is essential to know about coronavirus2019(COVID -19):

Coronavirus is an infectious inhaling disease which can be broken out from person to person.The virus that causes COVID- 19 is a recent coronavirus that was discoveed during an investigation in Wuhan,China.The world health organization promulgated the pandemic outbreak of this virus. Symptoms aligned with the virus are cough , fever and dyspnea(air hunger). No vaccine or specific antiviral treatment has been detected to protect against COVID-19.

online visit specialists are available to offer any help.If you have noticed ang symptoms of the virus,our doctors can assist in your own home through consequent steps.

If you have other common medical conditions online visit doctors render immediate assistance while reducing the exposure to viruses like COVID- 19.

online visit COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

As COVID- 19 keeps spreading across the united states , online visit is working assiduously to keep you safe and healthy.It’s pivotal to know about the expectations that you may have from your online visit visit.Needless to say, as the coronavirus situation changes,this list is subject to variation. Your possible expectations:

1.Recognize liklihood of COVID-19 according to your symptoms and other risk factors.

2.Receive advice to self-quarantine based on recent CDC instructions.

3.See an emergency if symptoms are severe and call your local emergency department if necessary.

4.Talk over symptoms of coronavirus.

5.Write a 14- day excuse letter for school or work.

6.In order to minimize the need for person- centered care,diagnose and treat more than 80 common conditions.

7.Write prescription refills for chronic conditions which last 90 days.

what not to expect:

Ask for a note that allows`you to return to work

Treat COVID-19 case with anti-viral medication

Order tests for COVID -19

Common questions about coronavirus:

Can online visit doctors ask for a COVID -19 test?online visit doctors are not allowed to order for covid-19 according to paucities in specimen collection.A person-centered care from a health care provider is first needed to colect a specimen to be delivered to a lab for COVID-19 testing.

How can I find a COVID-19 testing center?

Are the symptoms in children and adults the same?

What is COVID-19?

How is the outbreak of COVID-19?

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

How do I know if I have air hunger?

What is the difference between flu and COVID-19?

How should I keep myself and my family safe?

Should I wear a mask?

Recommendations for minimizing the risk of exposure:

1.Stay home in case of sickness

2.Avoid contact with sick people

3.Disinfect objects and surfaces regularly

4.Wash your hands before touching your eyes,nose and mouth

5.Keep washing your hands for at least 20 seconds or use an alcoho-based hand sanitizer.

Mental health during the spread of coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus disease may be stressfull for children and adults.Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming for people and every one copes with these and other emotins differently. online visit is ready to sympathize and support you and your family through this hardship.Our board- certified psychiatrists and therapists will offer their help and provide strategies to handle your concerns and  create healthy activities based on your needs and situation.So, try your best to arrange a plan for a private visit and keep youself healthy with online visit.

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