differences of cold and the flu

We’ve assembled a cold and flue guidlines to assist you distinguish the differences and be able to find the best remedies and prevent you from getting sick again.

The difference between a cold and the flu:

Although many cold and flu symptoms are the same,it’s crucial to know the differences in order to treat them completely and avoid chronic conditions.

The common cold:The common cold is a type of viral infection which affects the respiratory system and lasts about 7 to 10 days depending on the person  and their overall health.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mentions that the body struggles to remove the infection even without medical treatment.The reason that a cold virus is highly contagious is that an infected person can spread the illness the day before he/she begins feeling symptoms.

To prevent catching a cold,be cautious about washing your hands,not touching your face and not sharing glasses,plates with those who have the symptoms.The outbreak is from one person to another through droplets or vapor when a person coughs or sneezes and the infection starts to grow.

The flu:although the common spread of flu is from October to mid-May, people may catch the flu anytime of the year.In contrast with cold,the mortality rate caused by flu is remarkable.

So,we should know the difference because of the seriousness of the flu,therfore we can visit a doctor who can offer medication if needed.The outbreak of the flu is similar to that of cold through contagious people sharing infectious objects.

There are certain tips in order to avoid catching the flu:

1.Flu vaccine: Recent researches indicate that flu vaccination lessens the risk of flu illness between 40 to 60 percent.

Guidelines for staying healthy:

1.Drink hot liquids

2.Get sleep and rest

3.Steam treatment

4.Take pain reliever and fever reducer

5.Use decongestant spray

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