skin cancer

online visit advises you to arrange your time for a skin check.Skin cancer is the most prevailing form of cancer in the U.S .Current studies show that one in five Americans will develope this type of cancer in their life expectancy.However,it is the most straightforward cancer to be treated when diagnosed early and 80 percent of skin biopsies are found to be benign.Donot postpone getting any suspicious- looking mole or spot checked especially the one that is new or has changed.An online visit visit takes less than 10 minutes and it can relieve yor stress and tension.

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differences of cold and the flu

We’ve assembled a cold and flue guidlines to assist you distinguish the differences and be able to find the best remedies and prevent you from getting sick again.

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Virtual care

Virtual care you can rely on:

Telehealth is an easy use of digital information and computers and mobile devices to access health care services,however most of people doubt about receiving a reliable treatment.Based on our research 25 percent of patients hesitate over the accuracy of telemedicine.

If you are interested to know how we offer virtual care at online visit ,keep reading to find out our five part formula for reliable virtual care.

1.Clinical guidelines:

Our 12 top physicians and nurses team has disseminated meticulous clinical guidlines for diagnosing more than 80 conditions in the virtual care setting.Based on proven medical techniques and 200 years of experience,our group updates the clinical guidelines daily and regularly as they care for patients across the country through telehealth.

2.Sophie Chatbot

Before starting your visit, Sophie (our A.I.powered chatbot) helps you through a process to get some information about your current symptoms and medical bachground.With this relevant information ,she’ll let you know whether our doctors can help you virtually or not.The information you provided to Sophie will be reviewed by your online visit doctor if virtual care is appropriate.


Based on your symptoms,we may ask for your temperature.If you have a fever that makes you shievering can be your body reaction to various conditions such as viral infections and heat exhaustion (body overheating).Some medication can increase your body temperature as well.


Providing patient portal for the doctor paves the way in diagnosing common conditions such as sore throat,sore eye,rashes, insect bites and more.

5.quality doctors: Telehealth facilities and clinical guidelines are as powerful as the health care provider that utilizes them.Our  board certified doctors with 15 years of experience know the precedence of listening to their patients to render a great service.

How we diagnose our most common onditions?

Let’s take a closer examination of techniques to diagnose four of the most common conditions: flue,pink eye,strep throat and urinary tract infection.


Everyone should have an annual flu vaccine to lessen the risk of catching influenza.

However ,you may come across the flu even if you get your flu shot. According to data from the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC),the flu caused about 40 milion  illnesses during the 2018-2019 season.

As reported by CDC,diagnosing the flu associating to sumptoms like cough and fever during the flu season is 79-88 percent reliable comparing to rapid flu testing which is 50-70 percent.If you have had close contact with someone who has the flu,our doctors can assess you for post exposure treatment because it is proven to be so contagious.Furthermore, high risk patients ,pregnant women and elderly people are prone to catching  the flu.

Pink eye:

Pink eye sounds straightforward on the surface but it’s more complicated than you can imagine.Pink eye can be bacterial or allergic and this will affect your treatment.Uploading a clear image of your affected eyes will provide you the appropriate treatment plan.Although most cases can be diagnosed through a telehealth setting, some severe cases will be directed a person-centered care setting.

Strep throat: Which includes 5-15 percent of the 11million sore throat cases in the U.S will be diagnosed through common symptoms like  a sore throat without a cough ,fever and swallon tonsils.A clear picture also assists the doctor to diagnose effectively.

Our clinical steps encompasses the Centor Rule(a common method that evaluates the probability of steptococcal pharyngitis based on key symptoms and patent’s age.)

Urinary tract infection(UTI): This virtual setting is just feasible for adult women who are not pregnant. Common symptoms of urinary tract infections are painful,frequent urination and blood in urine.Our doctors will discuss the frequency and severity of your symptoms and provide a suitable treatment plan including antibiotics.

about online visit

Country living just got easier with telehealth:

online visit is the best to innovate telehealth with online doctors who change remote access to quality health care .The physicians are trained in virtual technology to offer their help.

There are certaion merits and limitations  to living in country side. Apart from feeling of freedom,closely -connected communities, friendly neighbors, fresh air and rural areas, one of the most important demerits is living miles away from the nearest care facilities and not being able to access healthcare or doctor visits.Telehealth, therefore, is the delivery of healthcare  using technology-the internet. It gives people the opportunity to visit doctors, therapists and dermotologists online through  their tablet,cellphone ,computer when needed. Here are some of the merits of using telehealth communication.

Visit a doctor anytime of the day or night: When your child’s health gets worse in the middle of the night you can consult online doctors who are available 24 hours a day and they can even call in  a prescription to your local pharmacy all from the comfort of your home.

Choose a physician by expertise,not location: Teleheath allows you to have the chance of choosing the most qualified physicians around from a list of board-certified specialists.

In order to save time and commute to town ,online doctors can prescribe medications ,send them to the local pharmacy and even refill your prescription.

Online doctors are also available for follow up visits,to get further iformation about this benefit, visit our website.

benefit of telehealth

One of the main questions in telephealth industry is about the time of using telehealth.There are certain times when telehealth can save our urgent situation.

Let us brief you on telehealth by telling a story: Some years ago I was commuting home from work and my son called me that he wasn’t feeling well. I started to panic and lots of questions popped up into my mind.Should I take him to the emergency or wait for an appointment? How much does it cost?Do I have to cancel my meetings?I abruptly remembered that I could use my telehealth benefit. I think telehealth is relief that can guide you anytime.

When your routine doctor is closed

when you are far from an emergency care center

When you are on vacation

When you need an urgent reply

When you are not given leave of absense

Reset your skin with these five tips

A good and effective skincare doesn’t charge top dollars.It’s crucial to have it as your daily routine.Reset your skin with these following steps:

Wash you face every night with warm water,rub in a mild cleanser and rinse.Proper facial cleansing prevents acne breakouts, can improve skin health and may even reduce skin inflammation.

Exfoliate your skin once a week. Apply your favorite scrub gently to the skin with a finger.Rub in circular ,small motions. Rinse with lukewarm water.This will help  remove dead cells from the outer layers of skin and improve the health of your skin as well.

Products like foundation ,blush and eye shadow can last up to two years.Lipstick is typically good for one year after you’ve opened it.Regardless of the texture, the colors can start to change and old make up will neither apply as well nor look as good on you.

Replace your razors once or twice a week depending on your regular use.Furthemore,if you keep your razor in the shower ,you ‘d better change it regularly since it may rust quickly.

Invest in SPF: Apply a daily SPF is one of the best things you can do for your skin.Don’t think the SPF in your make up is enough since it doesn’t provide the same level of protection.

Visit a dermatologist yearly:It is recommended that patients visit a board- certified dermatologist annually for a full-body exam because each year there are more new cases of skin cancer comparing to other cancers.You can also visit online visit dermatology online if you notice changes between appointments.

about coronavirus

What is essential to know about coronavirus2019(COVID -19):

Coronavirus is an infectious inhaling disease which can be broken out from person to person.The virus that causes COVID- 19 is a recent coronavirus that was discoveed during an investigation in Wuhan,China.The world health organization promulgated the pandemic outbreak of this virus. Symptoms aligned with the virus are cough , fever and dyspnea(air hunger). No vaccine or specific antiviral treatment has been detected to protect against COVID-19.

online visit specialists are available to offer any help.If you have noticed ang symptoms of the virus,our doctors can assist in your own home through consequent steps.

If you have other common medical conditions online visit doctors render immediate assistance while reducing the exposure to viruses like COVID- 19.

online visit COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

As COVID- 19 keeps spreading across the united states , online visit is working assiduously to keep you safe and healthy.It’s pivotal to know about the expectations that you may have from your online visit visit.Needless to say, as the coronavirus situation changes,this list is subject to variation. Your possible expectations:

1.Recognize liklihood of COVID-19 according to your symptoms and other risk factors.

2.Receive advice to self-quarantine based on recent CDC instructions.

3.See an emergency if symptoms are severe and call your local emergency department if necessary.

4.Talk over symptoms of coronavirus.

5.Write a 14- day excuse letter for school or work.

6.In order to minimize the need for person- centered care,diagnose and treat more than 80 common conditions.

7.Write prescription refills for chronic conditions which last 90 days.

what not to expect:

Ask for a note that allows`you to return to work

Treat COVID-19 case with anti-viral medication

Order tests for COVID -19

Common questions about coronavirus:

Can online visit doctors ask for a COVID -19 test?online visit doctors are not allowed to order for covid-19 according to paucities in specimen collection.A person-centered care from a health care provider is first needed to colect a specimen to be delivered to a lab for COVID-19 testing.

How can I find a COVID-19 testing center?

Are the symptoms in children and adults the same?

What is COVID-19?

How is the outbreak of COVID-19?

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

How do I know if I have air hunger?

What is the difference between flu and COVID-19?

How should I keep myself and my family safe?

Should I wear a mask?

Recommendations for minimizing the risk of exposure:

1.Stay home in case of sickness

2.Avoid contact with sick people

3.Disinfect objects and surfaces regularly

4.Wash your hands before touching your eyes,nose and mouth

5.Keep washing your hands for at least 20 seconds or use an alcoho-based hand sanitizer.

Mental health during the spread of coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus disease may be stressfull for children and adults.Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming for people and every one copes with these and other emotins differently. online visit is ready to sympathize and support you and your family through this hardship.Our board- certified psychiatrists and therapists will offer their help and provide strategies to handle your concerns and  create healthy activities based on your needs and situation.So, try your best to arrange a plan for a private visit and keep youself healthy with online visit.