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skin cancer

online visit advises you to arrange your time for a skin check.Skin cancer is the most prevailing form of cancer in the U.S .Current studies show that one in five Americans will develope this type of cancer in their life expectancy.However,it is the most straightforward cancer to be treated when diagnosed early and 80 percent […]

Virtual care

Virtual care you can rely on: Telehealth is an easy use of digital information and computers and mobile devices to access health care services,however most of people doubt about receiving a reliable treatment.Based on our research 25 percent of patients hesitate over the accuracy of telemedicine. If you are interested to know how we offer […]

about online visit

Country living just got easier with telehealth: online visit is the best to innovate telehealth with online doctors who change remote access to quality health care .The physicians are trained in virtual technology to offer their help. There are certaion merits and limitations  to living in country side. Apart from feeling of freedom,closely -connected communities, […]

benefit of telehealth

One of the main questions in telephealth industry is about the time of using telehealth.There are certain times when telehealth can save our urgent situation. Let us brief you on telehealth by telling a story: Some years ago I was commuting home from work and my son called me that he wasn’t feeling well. I […]

Reset your skin with these five tips

A good and effective skincare doesn’t charge top dollars.It’s crucial to have it as your daily routine.Reset your skin with these following steps: Wash you face every night with warm water,rub in a mild cleanser and rinse.Proper facial cleansing prevents acne breakouts, can improve skin health and may even reduce skin inflammation. Exfoliate your skin […]

about coronavirus

What is essential to know about coronavirus2019(COVID -19): Coronavirus is an infectious inhaling disease which can be broken out from person to person.The virus that causes COVID- 19 is a recent coronavirus that was discoveed during an investigation in Wuhan,China.The world health organization promulgated the pandemic outbreak of this virus. Symptoms aligned with the virus […]