Virtual care

Virtual care you can rely on:

Telehealth is an easy use of digital information and computers and mobile devices to access health care services,however most of people doubt about receiving a reliable treatment.Based on our research 25 percent of patients hesitate over the accuracy of telemedicine.

If you are interested to know how we offer virtual care at online visit ,keep reading to find out our five part formula for reliable virtual care.

1.Clinical guidelines:

Our 12 top physicians and nurses team has disseminated meticulous clinical guidlines for diagnosing more than 80 conditions in the virtual care setting.Based on proven medical techniques and 200 years of experience,our group updates the clinical guidelines daily and regularly as they care for patients across the country through telehealth.

2.Sophie Chatbot

Before starting your visit, Sophie (our A.I.powered chatbot) helps you through a process to get some information about your current symptoms and medical bachground.With this relevant information ,she’ll let you know whether our doctors can help you virtually or not.The information you provided to Sophie will be reviewed by your online visit doctor if virtual care is appropriate.


Based on your symptoms,we may ask for your temperature.If you have a fever that makes you shievering can be your body reaction to various conditions such as viral infections and heat exhaustion (body overheating).Some medication can increase your body temperature as well.


Providing patient portal for the doctor paves the way in diagnosing common conditions such as sore throat,sore eye,rashes, insect bites and more.

5.quality doctors: Telehealth facilities and clinical guidelines are as powerful as the health care provider that utilizes them.Our  board certified doctors with 15 years of experience know the precedence of listening to their patients to render a great service.

How we diagnose our most common onditions?

Let’s take a closer examination of techniques to diagnose four of the most common conditions: flue,pink eye,strep throat and urinary tract infection.


Everyone should have an annual flu vaccine to lessen the risk of catching influenza.

However ,you may come across the flu even if you get your flu shot. According to data from the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC),the flu caused about 40 milion  illnesses during the 2018-2019 season.

As reported by CDC,diagnosing the flu associating to sumptoms like cough and fever during the flu season is 79-88 percent reliable comparing to rapid flu testing which is 50-70 percent.If you have had close contact with someone who has the flu,our doctors can assess you for post exposure treatment because it is proven to be so contagious.Furthermore, high risk patients ,pregnant women and elderly people are prone to catching  the flu.

Pink eye:

Pink eye sounds straightforward on the surface but it’s more complicated than you can imagine.Pink eye can be bacterial or allergic and this will affect your treatment.Uploading a clear image of your affected eyes will provide you the appropriate treatment plan.Although most cases can be diagnosed through a telehealth setting, some severe cases will be directed a person-centered care setting.

Strep throat: Which includes 5-15 percent of the 11million sore throat cases in the U.S will be diagnosed through common symptoms like  a sore throat without a cough ,fever and swallon tonsils.A clear picture also assists the doctor to diagnose effectively.

Our clinical steps encompasses the Centor Rule(a common method that evaluates the probability of steptococcal pharyngitis based on key symptoms and patent’s age.)

Urinary tract infection(UTI): This virtual setting is just feasible for adult women who are not pregnant. Common symptoms of urinary tract infections are painful,frequent urination and blood in urine.Our doctors will discuss the frequency and severity of your symptoms and provide a suitable treatment plan including antibiotics.

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